Game of Thrones Recap – Breaker of Chains



Season 4, Episode 3: “Breaker of Chains”

Hello! And welcome back to our weekly Game of Thrones recap… or we try to make it weekly anyway. We ran into some issues last week with technical difficulties, travel plans, and just with this shit of a thing we like to call “life,” but we apologize and are back now to try to put this whole shebang into perspective… well, at least this episode anyway. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap – Two Swords

midlogoThe God of Tits & Wine has smiled upon us, children, and proclaimed that another season of… well, tits & wine, and lots of murder shall be ours to behold. Gods be good. Come along with my pals SP & LAcey as we delve into the Season 4 premiere.

“A one-handed man with no family needs all the help he can get.”

JIM: Jaime Lannister needs a hug. Our semi-repentant incest enthusiast has finally made his way back to King’s Landing, gotten himself a fancy new haircut and C3PO’s hand but things are not going the Kingslayer’s way. It’s true that Tywin forged him a new weapon using only the intense heat generated by his glare, but it seemed more of a bribe to get Jaime to agree to leave King’s Landing & rule Casterly Rock. He’s later mocked by Joffrey for not doing anything with his life by age 40 (I feel ya, Kingslayer) and gets shutdown by his sister-lover. I have two questions. Wasn’t Cersei being awfully unreasonable and is there any chance Jaime can look the other way whilst Joffrey is stapled to his ridiculous new statue?

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The Blah-king Dead – Season 4, Episode 12 – “Still”

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Okay, so I’ve admittedly been terrible with my recapping thus far in season 4B, I’ve had a lot going on (mostly being exhausted from working too damn much), but that’s neither here nor there. I’m back and renewing my commitment to TBkD. So, remember season 4A, where the Governor talked a bunch of people into storming the prison with him, chopped off Hershel’s head and generally created mayhem, scattering our survivors on the wind? Yeah, we’re still pretty much there, so I’m going to let you know where everyone is and who they’re with, but I’m not going to go back and watch all of the episodes or anything, should be fun!  Continue reading

The Blah-king Dead: The Walking Dead Recap, Episode 407: “Dead Weight”


Howdy, everyone! I’m spending my first Thanksgiving on my own in good, old Austintown, so you know what that means, grilled cheese, wine and zombies! Now, I know that Easter is the holiday most traditionally associated with zombies, but I’m by myself, two glasses of wine deep and I set my alarm for PM instead of AM, so I overslept in my nice, warm bed and missed volunteering to feed the homeless, making me a terrible human being. So I’m checking in with the only folks with a bleaker outlook on the future than me, the kids on The Walking Dead!

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The Blah-king Dead: The Walking Dead, Episode 405 “Internment”

Wow, you guys! Just wow! I heartily agree with the new and improved Mr. Chomps’s position and ode to Ice Cube, it was hard to catch a breath this week. I had to pause and rewind more times than I think I ever had for a recap. Lots to talk about, so let’s not dilly dally.  Continue reading