Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

midlogoGreetings, everyone! This week’s episode of Game of Thrones has certainly gotten a lot of reaction from all over the webbernetz (and via some choice texts that I received from friends), and not all of it has been good, especially so where the horrifying end of the episode is concerned. And we’re talking bad to the point where some people have sworn off the show forever. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Kill the Boy


Welcome, dear reader! We’d like to think we have more than one, but who knows? Thanks for hanging with us again this week, so sit back, grab your finest Dornish wine, and dive right in…

JIM: We begin this episode with Miss Andi keeping a vigil at my bedside, waiting for me to wake up and tell her everything will be fine. Ok, shut up, it’s Grey Worm’s bedside but a boy can dream, can’t he? Anyway, we discover immediately that Grey Worm was the victor in last week’s backstreet battle royal. He and Miss Andi finally declare their love for each other and seal it with a kiss. Ser Barristan, on the other hand, lies in state while Dany decides to threaten the Mereenese elite by allowing her dragons to turn one of them into a sizzling fajita. Perplexed about how to handle this whole situation, Dany turns to Miss Andi for advice, who deftly demurs while pumping up her Khaleesi’s confidence.

Is this the beginning of a new role for Miss Andi as the gal behind the gal? Also, did I go see Furious 7 last week and let out an excited “Ooh!” in the theater when I realized Miss Andi was playing a hacker named Ramsey?

Will Dany’s plan to marry Hizdahr the Lorax and re-open the fighting pits finally bring peace to this city? How will Daario take the news of her impending nuptials?

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Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style – Sons of the Harpy

midlogoHelllllo, everybody, and welcome to this week’s Game of Thrones recap! Jim and I are back once again to talk about EVERYTHING in an episode of SO. MANY. THINGS. Are we all ready for this? If so, then let’s go! Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – High Sparrow


Welcome back to the Geekenfreude Recap Spectacular! Let’s get right to it…

JIM: Inside Oreo House, it seems Arya has now become the world’s worst janitor. Impatient that she isn’t learning anything, she gives the what for to “Jaqen” and he’s all like “chill, bitch” and then that guy “Jaqen” gave some water to is all like “oh noes, I’m like dead now and stuff.”

Then that waif girl is all “let’s play this game where I hit you with a stick” and “Jaqen” is all like “chill, bitch” and “she’s not ready for no game of faces.” And Arya is all “Uh, yah I am” and he’s all “you need to get on board with the Oreo House Winter Collection” so Arya dumps all her Arya clothes in the water, but can’t bring herself to get rid of Needle.

Several questions for you: Is Arya reticent to dump Needle cuz it reminds her of home or she doesn’t want to give up her only form of protection? How long before Arya and “Jaqen” are in full wax-on, wax-off mode? Were you ready to drop everything like I was to worship that Weeping Lady of Lys statue?

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Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style – The House of Black and White


Season 5, Episode 2: “The House of Black and White”

Welcome, my friends! Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones recap, where we have all kinds of wonderful insights to share with you today about the second episode of this season. I feel like this episode is still setting the table for what’s to come, much like it was in Episode 1, but I think I can finally smell some food a’cookin’.

So, let’s get right to it!! Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! The Wars to Come


In preparation for the Season 5 premiere I went back and watched the final few episodes from last season. Oberyn’s death is still very hard to take, as was Shay’s betrayal but the one thing that stuck with me is that there is NO WAY Khaleesi could have lifted those chains & collars for her dragons all by her lonesome. But I digress, Season 5 is here and so is my pal SP, so let’s get this Recap Spectacular started!

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Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style – The Children


Season 4, Episode 10: “The Children”

So, the Game of Thrones season finale has come and gone. And with as much anticipation as the finale brings, it also carries a dull sting to it.

For 10 weeks a year Sunday nights are not simply the closing of a weekend and an evening riddled with horrifying thoughts of what terrors the workweek is going to foist upon you. For 10 weeks a year Sunday nights become something to look forward to and something to embrace. Sure, there is always going to be a certain kind of resigned dread filling many people’s heads on Sunday nights, but for 10 weeks a year we have some cushion for those heads bloated with misery.

Wow, can I overstate that any more than I have??? Continue reading