Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular: The Dragon and the Wolf

GoT BannerSo, yeah, all that happened. Fan service (a fan job?) I loved, tears, deaths, people not dead, people undead, turning of coats, dragons, sexy times, not necessarily in that order, but there’s so much to talk about, let’s just get on a-goin’ shall we?

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Beyond The Wall


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

People in Westeros should know by now…. don’t go looking for trouble, because trouble gonna find you. And that, my friends, is what happened during this week’s emotionally draining episode.

Yes, I was exhausted after… mostly because I thought just about everyone was going to die at various points…. but before I get all spoilery, let’s move this conversation to after the jump.

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Eastwatch


Well, damn. I step away for one measly week and they bring out the dragon and the Dothraki. I mean, really, how could they top that action this week now that I’m back? Well, they couldn’t, but who needs action when you’ve got stupid Gilly inadvertently opening up a ginormous can of worms?? Let’s get to it.

JIM: We pick up right where we left off last week, or at least a couple hundred yards downriver from last week, as Bronn and Jaime resurface, unburnt. Ooh, are they both secret Targaryens too? Listen to me, cunt, they are not. What? Bronn said it first. Anyway, Bronn informs Jaime he’s audi when the dragons attack King’s Landing, while Jaime dreadfully contemplates his duty to inform Cersei about what went down. The look on Jaime’s face when he said “That was only one of them. She has two more” was outstanding. Meanwhile, Tyrion warily surveys the absolute carnage from the battle site while Dany demands some old-fashioned knee bending from what remains of the Lannister troops. While most comply, mean-muggin’ Randyll Tarly and his normally flaccid son Dickon offer stiff resistance. Not having any of Dickon’s sudden hardness, Dany orders a Tarly flambe and knocks Father of the Year and his Dickon in the dirt. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – The Spoils of War

midlogoWhew! What a week, huh y’all? So crazy that our pal and fellow writer Jim had to bow out because he just couldn’t handle the intensity. Just kidding, he’s off on the film festival circuit, (can we call it that?) supporting his short horror film The Head. Check it out if you have the chance!

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Stormborn


Well, that escalated quickly… so let’s get right to it.

JIM: We kick things off this week with Khaleesi and her coterie of castoffs. While studying the Westerosi version of Stratego, she turns on Varys and questions his loyalty. Seems like a conversation they could’ve (should’ve) had before now but Dany seems satisfied with the eunuch’s answers, which leads them to agree “the people” are the most important consideration in her quest for the Iron Throne. Melisandre has made her way back to Dragonstone to offer her shadow baby services and whatnot while Khaleesi also explains her attack plan to the rest of her allies – Yara & Theon, Ellaria Sand, and the always prickly Queen of Thorns. They all seem annoyed that she isn’t just attacking King’s Landing with her dragons and getting it over with already until Tyrion mentions that the Unsullied will attack and topple his home turf of Casterly Rock. All of a sudden they’re all on board, save for Olenna Tyrell who implores her to be a dragon already, bish. Before we get to the shocking ending of this episode, did you agree with Dany & Tyrion’s slow & steady plan to not make her the Queen of the Ashes? Where do you think her questioning of Varys came from all of a sudden? What about this sudden revelation of Melisandre’s translation snafu that the prince that was promised could also mean princess – words matter, people! And does Grey Worm and Miss Andi’s love feast mean that one of them is gonna die cuz no one gets to be happy on this show?

Side note – Miss Andi and her…uh, translation skills…went a long way toward making me get over the loss of Queen Margaery. Episode MVP – Miss Andi!

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Dragonstone


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1

After a long, long wait, winter has finally arrived… in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but before I get into a screed about seasonal geography, we’ve waited long enough. Let’s dive into this! Continue reading