Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style: “Blackwater”

Season 2, Episode 9: Blackwater

If you can cast your mind back a year, “Baelor” was the next-to-last-episode in Game of Thrones’ first season, and a whole mess of people found this to be the episode that defined not only that season, but the series to come. Now we’ve arrived at the penultimate episode of Season 2. Will the show bring the same kind of drama and twists that last year did? Well, judging by the title of this episode—”Blackwater”—I would think so. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Recap or: Why in the Blazes Do I Still Watch This Show?

“The Magician’s Code” Parts 1 and 2

That’s right, we get a two-part episode for the finale. So please bear with me. I have an hour of television to get through, and this is going to be a bumpy ride.

HEADS UP: If you’re a fan of “How I Met Your Mother” and you’re concerned about spoilers when it comes to this show, you probably don’t want to read what follows until you watch the entire season 7 finale. Fair warning.

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Happy Memorial Day, Fellow Geeks

There’s nothing geeky about Memorial Day, though superheroes, like Captain America, can certainly qualify. But, to set the geek aside for second, we wanted to take a quick moment to honor the fallen men and women of America’s armed forces. Regardless of your politics or personal opinions, the fact remains – men and women have been dying in service to this country since America’s Day One. The least we can do is take one day to remember them.

Now, to add a at least a little geek flavor to this post, I give you the brilliant satire of the cheap applause lines that some politicians and musicians trot out ad nausem. Forget trying to appeal to to military families by saying all the right things and just do the right things for them for once, they deserve it, don’t ya think? In the end, we all know that freedom isn’t free, and truth be told, I’ve heard estimates that set it somewhere around the $1.05 mark.

That awesome Captain America pic came from this awesome site:


SCDP 411 – Mad Men Recap Double Episode Extravaganza!

…and, WE’RE BACK! Where did we go? Who starts a Mad Men blog 9 episodes in? We do, so shut up and read on. Don’t worry about where we were before because that’s not important. It’s all about where we’re going, and we want you to come with us so buckle up and get your reading glasses on, because we’re already deep into season 5…

Episode 509: Dark Shadows

KATHLEEN: So, Fat Betty lives! She’s apparently enrolled in Weight Watchers, but I wonder if that’s Henry’s doing, since she appears to be phoning it in at the meetings, then stress-coping by shotgunning Reddi-Wip at home. Now, insecure Betty has taken it to a nasty place by involving Sally in her plot to bring down the new Mrs. Draper. Do you think Megan will retaliate, or does she just not care because she’s prettier, and her apartment is super swag?

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Geek Eye for the Straight Guy

HIGH FASHION.Idle observation: Literally all of the Hong Kong Cavaliers from the cult classic film Buckaroo Banzai are exactly in style by today’s standards of hip menswear. Seriously, these dudes could’ve stepped out of last month’s GQ – well, okay, not Jeff Goldblum, who’s on his own wavelength as usual.

But check out the straight bottom ties, shirt cuffs rolled up over the suit arms, Buckaroo’s just-this-side-of-too-tight suit jacket, and whatever that floppity tie/bolo thing Beardo’s wearing is.

Conspiracy or evidence of time travel? (The latter, obviously.)