The Opening Ceremonies, Social Media, and Me.

One of the things that I truly geek out about is the Olympics. So, of course I was more than ready for the Opening Ceremonies that took place last night. Listed below are the social media updates I sent during the festivities (and perhaps a comment or two about these postings listed below them). It’s odd what some of my takeaways were from this gala.

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True Blood: This Recap Bloody Sucks! In the Beginning

Lacey has rejoined our discussion after some on location reporting and research in Bon Temps, so let’s get’s right to it!

Season Five Episode 7: In the Beginning

Jim: Sookie is having her luminescence checked out but Jason would like to know what that means in “laid man’s” terms. Since Sookie is only half fairy, her magic can run out, and clearly a light bulb goes off over her head. Also, her fairy friend says “my family has been watching over your family for centuries.” Oh really? Where were you when Gran got murdered in her own kitchen or when the Maynad turned her house into a fuck palace or when all manner of awful things happened? Like, say, I don’t know… her parents getting killed by a vampire? Bang up job, faeries!! Worst. Bodyguards. Ever. So, who will the parent-killing vampire turn out to be?

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Things I Need More Of: Trippy Disney Videos

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Recently during my online travelings, I heard the following song. I was so intrigued by its sound and so curious as to what it was about that I Googled it. Doing so yielded the following video, which I now can’t get enough of for some reason. Continue reading

Breaking Bad 502: Madrigal – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 502: Madrigal
We’re finally exposed to the top, top level of the whole operation. Turns out, Gus’s boss is was a [Ger]man of few (no) words who ran a ultra high-tech fast food research laboratory. All the sordid details died with him (or did they?), so now we begin the process of piecing it back together, one tater tot at a time.
My homeboy Mike, which is what I’ll be calling him from here on out because as we discovered in this episode, he has history as a corrupt Philadelphia cop. Of course Philly, that makes TOTAL sense. I knew I felt a kinship. Anyway, my homeboy was front and center this week, and it made for a ton of great takeaway quotes. Sorry ’bout it Mr. White fans, maybe he’ll represent next week.

In episodic chronological order:
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Game of Thrones Casting… GAH!

Through the magic of Comic Con, the latest casting news on Game of Thrones was released, clearly the Nerds of the Roundtable are all incredibly excited about this, right? You betcha! Want to know what our early thoughts are? Of course you do! Find out after el jumperino, and there may be some spoiler-y stuff, but we’ll be careful, so you be too! Continue reading

Breaking Bad – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Everything about Breaking Bad is phenomenal. The setting, the story, the acting and the writing…oh, the writing – it’s off the fuckin’ charts good. So we decided, instead of a straight recap you can find anywhere, why not an homage to each episode’s best lines, with a little commentary to put them in context? Kathleen & I will each vote for our favorite and like the true Breaking Bad geeks you are, we hope you’ll share your choice in the comments, or even point out something we missed!

Season 5, Episode 1: Live Free or Die

“You know, I can foresee a lot of possible outcomes to this thing, but not a one of them ends in Miller Time.” – Mike

Our boy Mike is completely unimpressed with the plan Walt, Jesse, and Old Joe have concocted to erase Gus Fring's laptop, which is in police custody, by the way.

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