Breaking Bad 502: Madrigal – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 502: Madrigal
We’re finally exposed to the top, top level of the whole operation. Turns out, Gus’s boss is was a [Ger]man of few (no) words who ran a ultra high-tech fast food research laboratory. All the sordid details died with him (or did they?), so now we begin the process of piecing it back together, one tater tot at a time.
My homeboy Mike, which is what I’ll be calling him from here on out because as we discovered in this episode, he has history as a corrupt Philadelphia cop. Of course Philly, that makes TOTAL sense. I knew I felt a kinship. Anyway, my homeboy was front and center this week, and it made for a ton of great takeaway quotes. Sorry ’bout it Mr. White fans, maybe he’ll represent next week.

In episodic chronological order:
Kathleen’s Favorite Quote of the Week:
I’m just gonna come right out with it. It set the tone for the entire episode, it posed a million theories, and yet resolved nothing. It’s a throwaway, but god damn, it was funny. On the dvd release of season 5, I fully expect episode 502 to be renamed in its honor…

1. “Franch” —German Scientist
Funniest when said in a German accent. It’s a cross between French, and Ranch… “Franch”. We see Herr Schuler taste testing but not letting on which he likes best. Does he resent having to cater to the tastes of the American Mid-West? Does he secretly favor “Cajun Kick-Ass”? You think that Gus Fring was bad ass, and knowing now that THIS GUY was above him, and probably 1,000 times more diabolical, it was nice to see him spend his final moments just stone cold munchin’ on tots, just waiting for the “Franch” to hit the fan.

Jim’s Favorite Quote of the Week:
2. “You are a time bomb, tick… tick… ticking and I have no intention of being around for the boom.”
For a split second I thought Mike was going to being quoting his favorite rap-rock tune “Click Click Boom” by Saliva, but thankfully, he did not. Instead he unleashed a phenomenally succinct description of Heisenberg – one that I couldn’t tell if it inspired insult or pride in Walt, probably the latter. Regardless, of all the characters added to this amazing show over the years, Mike is easily Top 3…if not higher. On the downside, he kinda sucks at Hungry Hungry Hippos.

3. “Breathe in, breathe out… Drink your whatever.” —Mike

4. “Corporate security, what’s that? Guarding the special sauce?” —Hank

5. “The Crystal Ship did pretty good for us.” —Jesse

6. “You’re alive, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the Irish Sweepstakes.” —Saul

7. “Nobody’s gonna find you, Lydia.” —Mike

8. “I’ve reconsidered. I’m in.” —Mike

And now’s the time we discuss my ongoing theory that Jesse’s going to kill his mentor. This week was interesting in that Walt went to great lengths to put Jesse’s mind at ease. Nevermind the fact that he’s basically running the scam of the century on Jesse’s heart. Tick..tick… BOOM! indeed.

As far as Jesse's concerned, Walt's the only person he can count on. Ah, if he only knew...

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