Breaking Bad 507: Say My Name – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 507: Say My Name
OMG. I didn’t see it coming, I held fast to the belief that he was unstoppable. Unflappable. Uncatchable… Taken in for questioning? No problem, Mike’s loyal, he’d never flip. Cops on his tail? They won’t find anything, Mike’s one step ahead. Search Warrant? go ahead, Mike dumped his guns down a hole in the desert. Am I still in denial? Probably. Will the show ever be the same? Definitely not. Will Walt lie to Jesse about all this? You know it!
On to the quotes…
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Cat Totally Nails Game of Thrones Theme Song

You didn’t even for a second think I meant Cat Stark, did you? It’s not even fair anymore. Cats are so far ahead in their domination of the tubes we call the interwebz, there’s pretty much no way anyone/anything else can win. Honey Badger is only one badger, for Pete’s sake, how can he compete when ALL the cats seem to have a talent?

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Double Post, Yo! Breaking Bad 504: Fifty-One & 505:Dead Freight

What up! You’re sad that there was no Breaking Bad quote recap last week? Well, I’m sad too, but not too sad because I was on vacation, and the 4 people that read this can just DEAL. The upside: I got to watch 2 back to back episodes, a rare feat that likely won’t occur ever again since we’re nearing the end. Boo! Now I am sad. For real.

Episode 504: Fifty-One

Is anyone else as perplexed as I am at the realization that Walt has just turned 51. Yes, 51. you remember the series premier, right? It was the day he turned 50. That’s right, people- all of the shit that has occurred in the last 4 seasons spanned a year in the life of Walter White. A year. ONE YEAR. That was one hell of an epic span, and I still can’t wrap my head around it. Moving on…
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True Blood: This Recap Sucks S05E09 – Everybody Wants to Rule The World

It’s that time again, people! What trouble have those Vampire Duke Boys gotten themselves into now?!

Kurt: Woah! It’s Fast Times at Bon Temps High this week – although more in the plot department than the topless ladies walking out of pools department. First up we’ve got the wacky hate group hijinx, where it’s revealed that the former sheriff and his squaredancin’ lady love were behind the whole thing, Sookie gets hit over the head with a cast iron frying pan (yo those things are really heavy, get that girl to a hospital, dummies), Luna gets naked and beats the hell out of some white trash, and Andy finally says “piiiiig” again. For everything that went on in this plot, the thing that jumped out at me most was all the talk of whether Sheriff Andy is a bad cop – sure, he and Jason have a bit of a boot party with a suspect, but when it came time to put up or shut up, Andy was able to come through and take out his old boss in what felt a little like a Dirty Harry moment. Thoughts?

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