How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “Farhampton”

Season 8, Episode 1

When we last left the gang I was reeling at the sheer amount predictability and inanity that the writers of How I Met Your Mother expect us to swallow 7 years into the show. This was so pervasive and so obnoxious in the Season 7 finale, that I began thinking that maybe the premise itself has gone stale. After thinking about it, however, I really don’t think that’s it. This is because I see now that the show isn’t really about meeting The Mother; that’s just the spine that they’re using to tell all these stories. That’s the glue (sort of… because the writers certainly stretch it) holding all of these crazy exploits together. So, in essence, it’s just a really, REALLY dumbed down version of Waiting for Godot.

Still, I know that 7 years is a long time to wait, and most people are just like, “Oh, for pity’s sake, just have him meet The Mother already! This is getting tedious.” (Side Note: I’m totally bringing back the expression “for pity’s sake,” so feel free to hop on the bandwagon before everyone else does.) Continue reading

Pumpkin Season Is the Holiday Season Free of Stress and Full of Fun!

If you like to celebrate holidays but don’t like all the stress that goes along with them, then Pumpkin Season is for you.

If you want your holidays to be full of fun and good times but rarely find that to be the case, then Pumpkin Season is for you.

If you hate all the obnoxiously rampant commercialism that surrounds holidays, then Pumpkin Season is for you.

If you like fall and all things associated with it, then Pumpkin Season is definitely for you! Continue reading

Top 10 Midnight Special Performances

So, tell me – have you kids ever heard of Burt Sugarman? Put your hand down, Mrs. Sugarman, thanks.

Well, I am here to introduce you and Mr. Sugarman through the power of YouTube. Back in the day, the early 70’s through the early 80’s, he produced a music variety show called The Midnight Special that aired every week after The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The format was loose, sometimes there was a host, like Wolfman Jack, sometimes not. The one constant?
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