Game of Thrones Recap – “And Now His Watch is Ended”

Hey, y’all! James J. and I are back at it again this week and we’re tackling the tough questions this week, like will Jaime ever quit whining? What happens when you call the Mother of Dragons a whore in a language she actually understand? But most importantly, what’s in the box, Varys?

I’ll never be able to resist a Seven/What’s in the box? joke and I’m not sorry. Try not to hold it against me as we move in to this week’s Game of Thrones recap, hmm.

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MAD MEN SCDP 411 – “To Have and To Hold”

Even though I am not at present trying to win a secret condiment account from a major company, I am going to propose to my bosses a locked room where I can look at food porn pictures and smoke weed all day. Think they’ll go for it? Me either. Damn you, 1968 and your free swinging ways!  Well, let’s see what other shenanigans Don & his merry band of alcoholics & sex addicts are up to this week, shall we?

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Season 6 Episode 2 – “The Collaborators”

Welcome back to another season of TV’s sexist sexiest show – AMC’s Mad Men. Ok, it’s not the sexiest, not while the Duggar family is still around. A little business to take care of first – I shall be writing these recaps solo as my co-writer Kathleen claims she needs to devote some time to school and such. I call bullshit, she’s simply busy hobnobbing with reality TV stars.

Too busy for Mad Men recaps? You better work.

On to the shenanigans of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce(RIP).

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Game of Thrones Recap – “Walk of Punishment”

Season 3 Episode 3 – “Walk of Punishment”

JIM: I am fairly certain that when I am set adrift on the Shamokin Shit Crick (Creek for all you non-coal regioners) during my Hoster Tully-inspired funeral, the flaming arrow loosed to set my body on fire will either fall short or land directly in my groin. What an auspicious introduction to Edmure, brother of Catelyn, and heir to Riverrun. What a glorious introduction to the Blackfish, uncle of Catelyn, and all around badass. My question, Lacey Jae, is that the coolest way to send off a deceased patriarch, or is watching him lose his head in a public execution the best? And secondly, can the Blackfish and his acerbic wit be involved in every scene this season?
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Game of Thrones Recap “Valar Dohaeris”

Season 3, Episode 1 – Valar Dohaeris

The intrigue! The violence!! The whores!!! They’re all back in the new season of everybody’s favorite excuse to enjoy violence and whores, HBO’s Game of Thrones. We lost a fellow geek recapper, something about undertaking a quest to avenge Renly, but there are still two of us left to take turns sitting on the Iron Throne so let’s get this bitch started. Sorry, Lacey, I didn’t mean you…read on, GoT-ers!

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