True Blood – This Recap Bloody Sucks! Season 6, Episode 6

This week on True Blood, we discover the Governor’s sinister plan, prognosticate about the awesomeness potential of Jason, and admire Bill’s gumption/ability to rip off heads. Pour yourself a nice, tall glass of Hep-V infected blood and stay tuned for another This Recap Bloody Sucks! Continue reading

True Blood – This Bloody Recap Sucks! Season 6, Episode 5

JIM: Jessica is all kinds of high on faerie blood and is totally paranoid, man. Whereas humans like to get high and suck face with pork rinds, vamps like to get high and suck face with Billith, apparently. Sheriff Andy shows up and discovers his faerie brood has been culled to 1…or whatever number she was going by. Will he take Holly’s advice and not confront Bill on his own? Will he team up with the Anti Vamp Commandos? What is Andy’s play on this one?

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