The Blah-king Dead – The Walking Dead Recap – Episode 404 “Indifference”

Hey, everyone! Thank this shiny, new bout of insomnia for the recap coming in semi-on time. It’s awesome isn’t it? The whole not being able to sleep thing? It is the bomb dot com. You know what isn’t the bomb dot com? Me making you wait any longer to bask in my mediocrity!

Rick is bandaging up his hand, all fresh and clean. Down in the death chamber, Lizzie goes to talk to Carol, accidentally calling her “mom”. Carol is telling her that she and Rick are hitting the road to get more food. Lizzie notes that no one has died yet, but lots of people will, bright ray of sunshine that she is. She also says that even if she doesn’t die, she’ll change when she grows up, that no one gets to stay who they were when they started. Amen, sister. Carol also goes over the rules of zombie apocalypse, run, run until you’re safe, don’t be afraid to kill if it’s your life or someone else’s. So, the rules of surviving the zombie apocalypse are essentially diametrically opposed to actually living a life now. While all this gabbing was happening, Rick was prepping for the run.

Out on that other successful run, Tyreese is cleaning the blood out of his shirt while the rest of the crew is talking about how to get a new ride. Ty is out-damn-spotting his fly gear when Bob tries to get him to get a move on. Tyreese, another bright ray of sunshine. When they finally get him moving, Daryl finds some jasper on the road, Michonne takes the time to get her flirt on, get it girl. Daryl tells her why he’s looking for the stone and she wonders how he knows everyone back at the ranch, he’s all “Um, sticking around?”

You can practically see the cartoon hearts flying out of her eyes.

In the car, mom and dad are having a fight. Carol tries to make her excuses for killing Karen and David. She’s rationalizing the shit out of it, in post-er’rybody sick time, her reasons don’t sound so good. Rick and Carol hit a neighborhood looking for anything to help the sick or to eat, all of their food was in D block.

Daryl and Bob find a van covered in kudzu, but need a new battery to get her running. Luckily, there’s a nearby gas station, unluckily it’s walker-fied. When they’re clearing a path, Ty goes apeshit on some vines, breaking the door and bringing some new friends out into the open. Michonne takes some out, but not without difficulty, Tyreese just won’t let go of the walker he’s fighting. It takes Bob and Daryl to save him. Michonne wants to know why he didn’t let go, when the answer is clearly that he’s lost his shit.

In a house, Carol and Rick find a nice hippie couple, she with a jacked-up leg, he with a full-on Dylan McKay baja going on. I wonder where he keeps finding weed post-apocalypse. Not in the fruit greenhouse. He’s also got a dislocated shoulder, which Carol pops back in for him. These two are not really equipped, how have they survived this long?!?!? You want to talk about rays of sunshine, these two lucky sons a bitches are it. Oh, my leg didn’t heal right, but it healed! It’s just harder to run and shit now! Rick gives them the questions three. Rick tells them that they can’t guarantee their safety if they come back, he clearly doesn’t want them, or their help. Carol wants their help, even if it’s just to search the neighborhood. Rick sets a two-hour meet time and gives the guy his watch.

The internet didn’t want to give me a picture of the hippie kids, so please accept this picture of Barney Stinson when he was lame. It’s pretty much the same thing.

Daryl finds a serviceable battery while Michonne and Ty clear out the van. Once of so little words, Michonne is all about the talking cure for Ty. Michonne tells him that if the Governor were in front of her, she’d kill him because that’s the way it has to be, but she’s not angry about what he did anymore. Daryl and Bob are talking about holding on versus letting go, Bob is of the opinion that everybody makes it until they don’t, if they wanted to go out together, they way they lived it’s cool with him. I’m more of Daryl’s mindset, fighting for life and what you have is the way to go.

Later Bob and Daryl are talking about who Bob was with before, Bob tells him that he’s been the last one standing of two other groups, like he’s supposed to witness the end over and over. He also tells Daryl that on his own, he would drink just to close his eyes at night. He admits that looking at a bottle was what brought on the walker attack that killed Zack. Daryl isn’t handing out blame that way and tells him to try the engine. The van fires right back up. Daryl tells him that he isn’t standing alone anymore, that they’re with him.

In another house, Rick is questioning Carol about the kids coming back with them. She thinks that if they’re strong enough to help the group survive, it was the right call to bring them. Carol confronts Rick about the fact that she killed Karen and David, she wants Rick to face up to reality, that life and death decisions need to made. She likens Rick killing Shane to her kills. She tells him she doesn’t like what she did, but she accepts it. Outside, Rick asks Carol how she knew about the shoulder thing, battered wives school is essentially her answer. She tells him she didn’t think she could be strong. Rick then brings up Sophia, and Carol says that was someone else’s life. He talks about how Lori used to make terrible pancakes, another easy thing that Lori was terrible at. Surprise, surprise. They come across the hippie chick getting eaten by a pair of walkers, poor bum leg, we hardly knew ye, yet you were a bright spot. They go back, thinking Sam should be waiting. He isn’t.

At the vet school, the runners find the area they’re after and start loading up on supplies. Bob tells them what to grab, they seem to have the supplies and decide to go. Of course they come across oodles of walkers on their way out. When there are infected walkers coming at them, they decide to try a stairwell full of walkers instead. They’re trapped and head out a window, when they get out, Bob falls and won’t drop his pack. When they pull it and him back up, it’s just booze. Daryl gets scorchingly redneck on him and tells him he should have kept walking the day Daryl found him. Bob is a sad, sad man. The level to which I find Daryl’s reaction to all of this attractive is, um, problematic.

Regardless, Ty tells Daryl to let it be, that Bob has already made his choice. Seems Ty only agrees with the “violence isn’t the only option, but it’s an option” thing unless it’s referring to his dead lady friend.

Rick is tired of Carol making choices that take people’s lives. Karen and David, the hippie kids. He tells her that Tyreese will kill her if he finds out, that the others will hate her if they find out, and if they don’t live, he doesn’t want her with him and Carl and Judith. She has no remorse for what she did. She makes a stand for Lizzie and Mika, Rick won’t allow it. He’s sending Carol out into the apocalypse on her own. I’m not sure which one of them is more cold-blooded at this point. Yikes. Carol gives Rick her watch as a parting gift and drives off. In a Taurus. Which, if you’re keeping track, means that Rick is still driving around that Hyundai, his ass all in the seat where Shane and Andrea did it. He’s soaking in Shane’s sex-ass-sweat all day long.

Michonne tells Daryl she’s not going out after the Governor anymore, that the trail is cold. We end on a montage of sad folks driving to an acoustic version of Sharon Van Etten’s “Serpents”. BLEAK. Bleak is the watchword.

Shut up, Lincoln.

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