Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – The Door


Well, shit.

Now it’s really gonna piss me off when someone doesn’t thank me for holding the door open for them. But before we get to that…

JIM: For perhaps the first time on this show, Littlefinger seemed at a loss for words. Why? Perhaps he wasn’t prepared to meet such a forceful Sansa. Perhaps he was scared Brienne would actually kill him. Perhaps he realized just what a shit he was to put Sansa in the Ramsay position in the first place.

A couple interesting plot takeaways from this scene, however. Littlefinger did manage to remind Sansa that Jon Snow is ONLY a half-brother, the implication being he’s not fully trustworthy as an ally. He also gave an update on your favorite, the Blackfish. Seems Uncle Brynden has re-taken Riverrun from those Frey creeps and is in a position to possibly help re-take Winterfell. 

Tormund continues his courtship of Brienne by making creepy smiley faces at her and it occurs to me that they might be the best-matched characters in the whole Game of Thrones universe… aside from maybe Bran & Hodor. Sigh.

Oh yeah, questions—did Littlefinger really think it would be easy to waltz right back into Sansa’s life or do you think he never expected her to survive in the first place? Will you hug the screen when the Blackfish appears? Is Sansa to eventually give in and utilize the knights of the Vale?

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – Book of the Stranger


After an episode of exposition and setup, we get an episode this week that really starts to put some major wheels into motion. Where these wheels are going to take us is abundantly open to speculation and debate, so thankfully Jim and I are back again to break it all down and offer to our loyal reader(s) a completely cogent, trenchant, and utterly rational examination of all the finer nuances of this week’s episode… or, um… something like that. Come and see. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – Oathbreaker


JIM:  My little birds told me that you wanted to open this week’s questioning with Varys, Tyrion, and the Worst Cards Against Humanity Team Ever — Grey Worm and Miss Andi. While Tyrion drinks wine and confuses them with his attempts at conversation, Varys elicits information from the prostitute who specializes in the Unhappy Ending and learns that the backers of the Sons of the Harpy are all the masters Dany has pissed off on her way to Mereen.

Speaking of the Khaleesi, if she owned a FitBit she’d have logged a billion steps by now. Anyway, the Mother of Dragons seems poised to become a harpy herself if she is forced to live the rest of her life with the other Khal-widows. She must endure a trial to decide her fate, which considering it’s being held by the Dothraki will surely be a reasonable and measured affair. Have we visited Vaes Dothrak on the show before? I feel like we haven’t but knew you’d know for sure what with your slavish devotion to Westerosi topographical matters. What is Tyrion’s next move now that they know exactly who is to blame for the Sons of the Harpy? 

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – Home


Sweet R’hllor did a ton of shit go down this week! No time for introductions… let’s just get to the questions!!

Es: So in this week’s opening credits I noticed there was no Dorne, and I thought to myself, Well, the odds of this week’s episode being good all the way through certainly improved exponentially! Continue reading