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Kathleen Glica

WordPress suggests “The Mona Lisa” as alternate text for this photo and I couldn’t agree more.

Name: Kathleen
Random fact: I was born at 6:30am on a Saturday. I think that says a lot about me. My initials also spell KEG, which also says a lot about me. Are we done here? No? OK…
Job: I work at AMI Entertainment Network, Inc in the jukebox\TV division. You could say I wear a lot of hats (or one giant hat… like a Mexican sombrero or something). Everyone here wears lots of hats because each person is essentially doing the job of 10 people combined.
Number of bar fights I’ve been in: 1
Hobbies: Trapeze (of the high-flying, death defying variety).
Current unexplainable celebrity crush: Johnny Weir, and yes, I KNOW he’s gay
Best meal ever: Omakase at Morimoto, made by the Iron Chef himself.
My “hall pass”: Tom Keifer. No explanation necessary, if you don’t get it, I don’t care.
Favorite TV shows (past): Beverly Hills 90210, Roseanne, Brady Bunch
Favorite TV shows (present): Big Brother, anything involving polygamists, drag queens, the Amish, or Bethenny Frankel
Most annoying thing I have to do every day: brush my dog’s teeth
Drink of choice: Grey Goose & tonic
Some things on my bucket list that I’ve already accomplished: run a marathon, get on stage at a Morrissey concert, go to the World Cup
Some of the stupidest things on my bucket list, also already accomplished: get picture taken with one of those really big checks, spend one night in Bangkok (literally)
Still to do: The fact that my mind has drawn a blank on this for the past 2 days is probably not good. I must be totally fulfilled! Do you have any ideas? Please let me know. Clearly, it seems that my best days are behind me, and that is unacceptable.


Elissa Arms













Because I spent my formative years watching anime and wearing UFO pants, I have generally pretty awful taste in just about everything. I still play PSX, my original Game Boy, and the N64 and feel like a huge chunk of my life could be defined by the phrase Final Fantasy. I’ll always take Quentin Tarantino over Darren Aronofsky, Clive Barker over Suzanne Collins, and Beth Ditto over Adele. My hopelessly short attention span guarantees I can’t watch more than one season of any TV series without losing interest. I trolled pretty hard back in the day, but most of it was on the Neopets forum. I’m a big kid, I like my music loud and my days filled with cartoons and video games. Junk food is good food. Sometimes I get too exited to sleep at night thinking about what kind of cereal I’m going to eat the next morning.


Lacey Tobias










I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… Wait, that’s not right, but I was born in a small town, my parents still live in that same small town, and now so do I. Let’s hope I don’t die in that small town in the near future. But what about me, dad? What! About! Me! I love The Goonies and Footloose and Singing in the Rain and paranormal reality shows and Halloween and paranormal fiction shows and making stuff. Maybe someday my family will stop procreating long enough for me to make something geeky to show you. I have many plans. I’ve known what I was going to be this coming Halloween since before last Halloween. I like YA novels more than any reasonable adult should. I’m pretty sure Henry Cavill is the dreamiest human being on the planet, so I’m very excited for the new Superman movie, and always will be. I haven’t played video games with any regularity since the original Nintendo, and even then my favorite game was Trivial Pursuit. I bake. I really, really enjoy sports movies. Neil Gaiman is sort of my hero. Joss Whedon is my lucky star. And, deep down, I really just wanna dance.


Jim Hartman

Top Ten Things to Know About Me

10 – I am the 43rd Greatest American of All Time.

9 – I am the 3rd Greatest Living Pole (take that, Lech Walesa).

8 – I firmly believe Prince Vultan’s disbelief that “Gordon’s alive?” from Flash Gordon is the best-delivered line in film history.

7 – Geek girls with tattoos are my kryptonite.

6 – Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World makes me cry. EVERY. TIME.

5 – Cling to the belief that if I keep insisting that Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes never happened, then indeed, it NEVER happened.

4 – Raised Catholic but refused to take a Confirmation name of anything other than Luke in honor of Saint Skywalker.

3 – I think The Secret of My Success is Michael J. Fox’s most underrated work..

2 – I loathe the fact that The Walking Dead TV show takes place in a world exactly like our own, except that apparently the word “zombie” never existed.

1 – I think the Watership Down animated film should be required viewing for ALL children.


Kurt Schiller

I am a professional vampire hunter and zombie fighter. I also battle ancient evils by special request. In my spare time I do all those same things, but in video games.

My favorite band is any one that has a flute and electric guitars at the same time. My favorite FPS weapon is the shotgun. My favorite D&D spell is Leomund’s Tiny Hut. My favorite unironic D&D spell is Goodberry. Sorry, let me try that one more time. My favorite unironic D&D spell is an axe, because only nerds play wizards. Suck it, nerds. (I am a nerd, but not the sort that plays wizards.)



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