Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – Battle of the Bastards


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Breaking Bad 507: Say My Name – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 507: Say My Name
OMG. I didn’t see it coming, I held fast to the belief that he was unstoppable. Unflappable. Uncatchable… Taken in for questioning? No problem, Mike’s loyal, he’d never flip. Cops on his tail? They won’t find anything, Mike’s one step ahead. Search Warrant? go ahead, Mike dumped his guns down a hole in the desert. Am I still in denial? Probably. Will the show ever be the same? Definitely not. Will Walt lie to Jesse about all this? You know it!
On to the quotes…
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Double Post, Yo! Breaking Bad 504: Fifty-One & 505:Dead Freight

What up! You’re sad that there was no Breaking Bad quote recap last week? Well, I’m sad too, but not too sad because I was on vacation, and the 4 people that read this can just DEAL. The upside: I got to watch 2 back to back episodes, a rare feat that likely won’t occur ever again since we’re nearing the end. Boo! Now I am sad. For real.

Episode 504: Fifty-One

Is anyone else as perplexed as I am at the realization that Walt has just turned 51. Yes, 51. you remember the series premier, right? It was the day he turned 50. That’s right, people- all of the shit that has occurred in the last 4 seasons spanned a year in the life of Walter White. A year. ONE YEAR. That was one hell of an epic span, and I still can’t wrap my head around it. Moving on…
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Breaking Bad 503: Hazard Pay – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 503: Hazard Pay:

So much cool shit happened on this show this week, I ALMOST don’t know where to begin – except that the opening scene gave me a wonderful idea for a Breaking Bad spinoff. Since Mike posed as a paralegal to get into prison and visit with one of his guys, it occurred to me that Mike needs his own show called PARA-LEGAL. It’s about this guy, late in life, who used to be a tough as nails cop, the kinda guy you called in to get the murderer to confess, like Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer, except, ya know realistic. Anyway, seems one of his interrogations got out of hand, he snapped and paralyzed the suspect, got kicked off the force, but it was covered up yada, yada, yada… Fast forward, present time, here’s Mike, trying to make up for all the bad he did, decides to become a paralegal to help the paralyzed victim to finally make write what he did wrong all those years ago…The justice system has been paralyzed by corruption, he’s here to help it stand on its own two feet – PARA-LEGAL!

Sold. Now on to this week’s quotes in episodic chronological order…

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Breaking Bad 502: Madrigal – Best Lines & Bonus Murder Watch!

Episode 502: Madrigal
We’re finally exposed to the top, top level of the whole operation. Turns out, Gus’s boss is was a [Ger]man of few (no) words who ran a ultra high-tech fast food research laboratory. All the sordid details died with him (or did they?), so now we begin the process of piecing it back together, one tater tot at a time.
My homeboy Mike, which is what I’ll be calling him from here on out because as we discovered in this episode, he has history as a corrupt Philadelphia cop. Of course Philly, that makes TOTAL sense. I knew I felt a kinship. Anyway, my homeboy was front and center this week, and it made for a ton of great takeaway quotes. Sorry ’bout it Mr. White fans, maybe he’ll represent next week.

In episodic chronological order:
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