Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular! – Stormborn


Well, that escalated quickly… so let’s get right to it.

JIM: We kick things off this week with Khaleesi and her coterie of castoffs. While studying the Westerosi version of Stratego, she turns on Varys and questions his loyalty. Seems like a conversation they could’ve (should’ve) had before now but Dany seems satisfied with the eunuch’s answers, which leads them to agree “the people” are the most important consideration in her quest for the Iron Throne. Melisandre has made her way back to Dragonstone to offer her shadow baby services and whatnot while Khaleesi also explains her attack plan to the rest of her allies – Yara & Theon, Ellaria Sand, and the always prickly Queen of Thorns. They all seem annoyed that she isn’t just attacking King’s Landing with her dragons and getting it over with already until Tyrion mentions that the Unsullied will attack and topple his home turf of Casterly Rock. All of a sudden they’re all on board, save for Olenna Tyrell who implores her to be a dragon already, bish. Before we get to the shocking ending of this episode, did you agree with Dany & Tyrion’s slow & steady plan to not make her the Queen of the Ashes? Where do you think her questioning of Varys came from all of a sudden? What about this sudden revelation of Melisandre’s translation snafu that the prince that was promised could also mean princess – words matter, people! And does Grey Worm and Miss Andi’s love feast mean that one of them is gonna die cuz no one gets to be happy on this show?

Side note – Miss Andi and her…uh, translation skills…went a long way toward making me get over the loss of Queen Margaery. Episode MVP – Miss Andi!

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – No One


“Lots of horrible shit gets done in this world for something larger than ourselves.” – The Hound

JIM: Let’s begin in Mereen, shall we? It must be said that Tyrion, Greyworm and Miss Andi debating the nature of comedy is a spectacular moment of, well, comedy. Their moment of shaky levity is shattered when the slavers begin an all-out assault on the city. I guess they were none-too-happy with Tyrion’s seven year plan. This all takes place after Varys hightails it outta there to go on some mysterious trip. Did he mention in earlier episodes where he was going? His exit seemed oddly-timed, no?

But the big news of this particular plot thread was Dany’s Lois Lane-like reappearance through the balcony after being dropped off by Superman/Drogon. So, the Khaleesi is back but how far behind is her khalasar? When they arrive, will they even be effective against a ship-borne attack? Is it up to the dragons to stop them? Is this where the Iron Islanders arrive and get into Dany’s good graces by vanquishing the slavers? Will Yara then hope to get into Dany’s pants? Do they need the slaver’s ships to conquer Westeros? How do they defeat them without destroying those ships? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Annnnnnnd I’m spent.

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Game of Thrones Recap Spectacular – The Red Woman


It’s a new Game of Thrones season with your same old (and I do mean old) recappers. Prince is dead, Trump is very much alive, and whomever cut that Ghostbusters trailer managed to make some of the funniest women in the world appear middling at best. Let’s go to Westeros – a world where things make sense. Sort of.

JIM: We’ll kick things off with everybody’s favorite cuddle monster: Ramsay Bolton. In the wake of his less-than-impressive victory over a hobbled Stannis Baratheon, he takes a quiet moment to reflect on his deceased soulmate, Miranda. He ends his heartfelt eulogy with the pragmatic move of feeding her to the dogs since she’s as much a piece of meat to him as is anyone else, including, I fear, his future step-brother. His hounds are hot on the trail of Theon and Sansa, apparently uninjured from last season’s leap from the parapets. When it seems they are cornered, Brienne and Pod literally ride to their rescue. The tide has turned for Brienne of Tarth as she has avenged her beloved Renly and fulfilled her promise to Catelyn in back-to-back episodes. My questions to you – has Theon paid his debts in full to the Stark family? Did you feel, as I did, that Sansa took a step back in this episode by forgetting to flee when Theon tried to run interference and sitting on her ass while everyone fought for their lives around her? Was her courage rinsed away with her black hair dye last season? Am I being too tough on Lady Sansa by expecting her to become Bad Bitch Sansa?

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Game of Thrones Geekenfreude Style – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

midlogoGreetings, everyone! This week’s episode of Game of Thrones has certainly gotten a lot of reaction from all over the webbernetz (and via some choice texts that I received from friends), and not all of it has been good, especially so where the horrifying end of the episode is concerned. And we’re talking bad to the point where some people have sworn off the show forever. Continue reading

The Blah-king Dead – Season 4, Episode 12 – “Still”

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Okay, so I’ve admittedly been terrible with my recapping thus far in season 4B, I’ve had a lot going on (mostly being exhausted from working too damn much), but that’s neither here nor there. I’m back and renewing my commitment to TBkD. So, remember season 4A, where the Governor talked a bunch of people into storming the prison with him, chopped off Hershel’s head and generally created mayhem, scattering our survivors on the wind? Yeah, we’re still pretty much there, so I’m going to let you know where everyone is and who they’re with, but I’m not going to go back and watch all of the episodes or anything, should be fun!  Continue reading

The Blah-king Dead: The Walking Dead, Episode 405 “Internment”

Wow, you guys! Just wow! I heartily agree with the new and improved Mr. Chomps’s position and ode to Ice Cube, it was hard to catch a breath this week. I had to pause and rewind more times than I think I ever had for a recap. Lots to talk about, so let’s not dilly dally.  Continue reading