Game of Thrones Recap – The Watchers on The Wall


Season 4, Episode 9: “The Watchers on The Wall”

Here we are Game of Thrones fans. Episode 9: a.k.a. the episode where the shit traditionally slams into the fan (and in most cases the fan utterly explodes due to the sheer quantity of feces being hurled at it). All revolting metaphors aside, this season’s ninth episode certainly did not disappoint! Continue reading

Girls Talk: Girls Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Together”


Hannah has been slowly losing her shit while no one around her really noticed. Or, if they did, they were probably too self-involved or too tired of her shit to really do anything about it, so our heroine is in big trouble, kids. Big. Let’s just go on and see how she’s dealing shall we?

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Girls Talk: Girls Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “It’s Back” & Episode 9 “On All Fours”

Okay, okay, okay. Sorry. I’ve had this sinus thing that turned into this upper respiratory thing, and essentially I slept a lot last week. Then I had all kinds of real-life stuff to take care of, since I had been sleeping during real life. You all need to find a way to pay me to make you laugh about what I think about TV shows, then you could have something new every day. I watch a lot of TV. Regardless, none of my real-life stuff has taken me to the place Hannah’s real-life stuff has taken her to. I’m worried about everyone right now, Pritchard doesn’t agree with me, he wants to grow up to be Charlie, I don’t think even Charlie’s on solid footing right now. Want to know why? Get to clickin’…

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Girls Talk: Girls Recap, Season 2, Episode 7: Video Games

Last week Hannah and Marnie took turns being big, fat liars. Then, Ray took a trip to the dark side, a.k.a. Staten Island, with Adam on which we learned that Adam may some how be the most mature male character on this show. And I’m including Hannah’s dad and every man we meet this episode, as we take a trip through what made Jessa such a beautifully messed-up creature. I really hope we get to meet her mom one day, I bet she’s a train wreck. But for now, to the Recappery!

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Girls Talk: Girls Recap: Season 2, Episode 6: Boys

This week on a less-special episode of Girls, Hannah’s writing an eBook, Ray and Adam go to Staten Island and Marnie, poor, sweet, sad Marnie, thinks she’s someone’s girlfriend. After that little caplet of wonder that was last week’s episode, plot movement doesn’t even really matter to me anymore. Sigh. But, it probably matters to you, so let’s have at it and hope my enthusiasm goes up, up up!

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Girls Talk: Girls – Season 2, Episode 3 & 4 – Bad Friend & It’s a Shame About Ray

So, thanks to my parents’ old, but beautiful house and it’s old, but beautiful, wiring, I was sans internet for most of last week. It was like being a pioneer. I’m really sorry Mike & Sara, I hate to disappoint you. Also, HBO didn’t tell me they were showing the latest episode of Girls on Saturday-freaking-night so as not to compete with the Super Bowl. Downton didn’t even sweat that shit, yo. What we had in episode 3 was a coke-fueled fun fest and Marnie finally getting some, episode 4 featured a disastrous Hannah-hosted dinner party, real feelings and Jessa meeting the parents.  Now that we’ve got the over view, let’s dive in to the drug-laced meat of the episodes, shall we?

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