Girls Talk: Girls Recap, Season 2, Episode 7: Video Games

Last week Hannah and Marnie took turns being big, fat liars. Then, Ray took a trip to the dark side, a.k.a. Staten Island, with Adam on which we learned that Adam may some how be the most mature male character on this show. And I’m including Hannah’s dad and every man we meet this episode, as we take a trip through what made Jessa such a beautifully messed-up creature. I really hope we get to meet her mom one day, I bet she’s a train wreck. But for now, to the Recappery!

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Girls Talk – Girls – Season 2, Episode 2 – I Get Ideas


Because I’m a stellar cousin, who you should all want to be related to, I was on my way back from Chuck E. muthereffin’ Cheese while Girls was airing last night. I also had too much fun on Saturday night and was up until just about 7 am, that combined with the emotionally draining experience at the Cheese, had me pooped! Also, there was a guy with teardrop face tattoos and a grim reaper neck tat playing the only shooter at Mr. Cheese’s Fun Palace. He didn’t appear to be with any children. I just needed to share that. I did, however, get this:

More accurate than it ought to be for a randomly assigned toy prize.

All that being said, I didn’t get to watch Girls last night, so I’m going to try something different. Live blogging! New experiences! Right? We’ll see.

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