How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “Splitsville”

Season 8, Episode 6

Oh, look. Judging by the title of this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, and being that it is indeed The Autumn of Break-Ups, it looks like we’re in store for another totally expected and in no way surprising break-up. This means that Robin and Nick are probably going to be the ones visiting Splitsville, as I’m pretty damn sure that Lily and Marshall will not be affected by this breaky uppy time of year. Well, let’s see… Continue reading

How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “The Autumn of Break-Ups”

Season 8, Episode 5
“The Autumn of Break-Ups”

Oooooooooh… what an ominous title for this episode of How I Met Your Mother. I wonder who the victims will be. Since we were already told in weeks past by Voice-Over Ted that a) this was the Autumn of Break-Ups, and b) that both he and Victoria’s and Robin and Nick’s relationships would implode within the month, my bet is one of these couples and not on Marshall and Lily. I hear that the odds of Marshall and Lily breaking up this week is 1,000,000 to 1 in Vegas, though, so it could be a nice bet to make if you wind up a winner. I still don’t think I’m going to take that bet. I’d rather keep that dollar in my pocket. Continue reading

How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “Who Wants to Be a Godparent”

Season 8, Episode 4
“Who Wants to Be a Godparent”

When we last left the gang on How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily had just found a nanny for Baby Marvin, so this week’s episode opens with both members of the very tired couple out with the gang for the first time in the past five months. They’re excited about it. And Ted, Robin, and Barney are excited about it. BUT when Marshall asks the threesome what’s going on in their lives, they struggle to answer.

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How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “Nannies”

Season 8, Episode 3

This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother beings with Voice-Over Ted recapping current events: The Autumn of Breakups, Barney and Quinn in Splitsville, and Barney trying to get over his busted up engagement. The last of these is apparently accomplished by Barney stealing my bit and making up his own holiday season (yes, it’s MY bit and no one else ever thought of this before me, now shut up about all those other examples you can think of where people have done this before!). His holiday season is called Bangtoberfest, and he announces it by coming into the bar and shooting Bangtoberfest t-shirts at people from one of those awesome t-shirt shooting rifles while announcing to any and everyone, “I’m back! I’m single again!” Robin express concern that he shouldn’t do this and he needs some time to heal from his broken off engagement, but he tells her that he just spent $7,000 on merch so “this is happening,” and he slaps a Bangtoberfest baseball cap on her head. Continue reading

How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “The Pre-Nup”

Season 8, Episode 2
“The Pre-Nup”

After last week’s season premiere that moved at least a little bit of the story along, I was wondering if we’d get progress again this week or if we’d run around in a circle about some completely unrelated storylines. Being that this is (probably) the last season of How I Met Your Mother, I’d have to think we’d get some sort of progression with pretty much every episode from here on out *crosses fingers*.  Well, let’s get to it then, shall we?

The episode opens with Voice-Over Ted telling us: “The summer of 2012 was The Summer of Love. Barney and Quinn, Me and Victoria, Robin and Nick, Lily, Marshall and Marvin. Everyone was happy as can be…. which means there are absolutely no good stories. Let’s skip ahead… to October 2012, the official kickoff of what came to be known as The Autumn of Breakups.” Continue reading

How I Recap “How I Met Your Mother” — “Farhampton”

Season 8, Episode 1

When we last left the gang I was reeling at the sheer amount predictability and inanity that the writers of How I Met Your Mother expect us to swallow 7 years into the show. This was so pervasive and so obnoxious in the Season 7 finale, that I began thinking that maybe the premise itself has gone stale. After thinking about it, however, I really don’t think that’s it. This is because I see now that the show isn’t really about meeting The Mother; that’s just the spine that they’re using to tell all these stories. That’s the glue (sort of… because the writers certainly stretch it) holding all of these crazy exploits together. So, in essence, it’s just a really, REALLY dumbed down version of Waiting for Godot.

Still, I know that 7 years is a long time to wait, and most people are just like, “Oh, for pity’s sake, just have him meet The Mother already! This is getting tedious.” (Side Note: I’m totally bringing back the expression “for pity’s sake,” so feel free to hop on the bandwagon before everyone else does.) Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Recap or: Why in the Blazes Do I Still Watch This Show?

“The Magician’s Code” Parts 1 and 2

That’s right, we get a two-part episode for the finale. So please bear with me. I have an hour of television to get through, and this is going to be a bumpy ride.

HEADS UP: If you’re a fan of “How I Met Your Mother” and you’re concerned about spoilers when it comes to this show, you probably don’t want to read what follows until you watch the entire season 7 finale. Fair warning.

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