Monstrosathon, Week 2 (The Wicker Man)


Most things aren’t scary without context. Loud noises and other “cheap” scares rely on universal knee-jerk reactions, but atmosphere, subtext, and the overall feel of a good horror movie are inextricably linked to the preconceptions of the audience. Smart horror builds off of existing fears and subverts expectations, forcing the audience to confront everyday discomforts and concerns in a new way. Continue reading

Monstrosathon, Week 1 (Event Horizon)

It’s September, now, and that means it’s technically fall. Okay, maybe not by the scientific term (by which Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22), but the past few days there’s been that dry rustle in the air, that hint of must and mildew and the barest suggestion of cool nights and silent mornings. It’s the season when people start consuming random orange things that taste like some shallow alien imitation of pumpkin and hanging up cardstock cut-outs of green-skinned women with crooked teeth and broomsticks. Halloween is right around the corner… which means it’s also time for horror films. Continue reading