True Blood: This Recap Bloody Sucks!

Season 5, Episode 1: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Wake up from your long slumber, fellow Fangbangers! Everybody’s favorite over-sexed vamps are back and ready to do a bunch of weird ass shit, while we all act like the aggressive nudity is not what keeps us coming back for more!

I’m Jim (aka, Jimmy Fresh), your host for the week, and I will be joined by fellow Geeks Lacey & Kurt. Kathleen will be back to add her twisted perspective next week, so keep checking us out and tell us where we went wrong (or right) in the comments, because True Blood fans are nothing, if not opinionated. Read on!

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SCDP 411 – Mad Men Recap Double Episode Extravaganza!

…and, WE’RE BACK! Where did we go? Who starts a Mad Men blog 9 episodes in? We do, so shut up and read on. Don’t worry about where we were before because that’s not important. It’s all about where we’re going, and we want you to come with us so buckle up and get your reading glasses on, because we’re already deep into season 5…

Episode 509: Dark Shadows

KATHLEEN: So, Fat Betty lives! She’s apparently enrolled in Weight Watchers, but I wonder if that’s Henry’s doing, since she appears to be phoning it in at the meetings, then stress-coping by shotgunning Reddi-Wip at home. Now, insecure Betty has taken it to a nasty place by involving Sally in her plot to bring down the new Mrs. Draper. Do you think Megan will retaliate, or does she just not care because she’s prettier, and her apartment is super swag?

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