The Blah-king Dead: The Walking Dead Recap: Season 3, Episode 15: “This Sorrowful Life”

OMG, you guys, since last we spoke, I watched The Talking Dead from last week, and thanks so much Laurie Holden, I pretty much am Andrea. The quiz wizards at AMC looked into my soul and found the character I found most annoying through first 2 seasons of The Walking Dead. I just like to believe that I would have killed my own Governor when I had the chance and/or taken his damn truck (How did I not point this out last week?!?!?) when I thought he was being eaten alive inside of that warehouse. I kind of hope she’ll go on to find love in a soapless hopeless place.

Also, I’ve discovered what would kill me in the zombie apocalypse. I don’t think it would be the actual zombies. What would happen is that one day, we’d go into a pharmacy and all of the Zyrtec would be gone. Then another day, all of the Claritin would be gone. Finally, all of the Benadryl would be gone, and that would be the day that I would tell everyone to go on without me. I’d make a heroic sacrifice, but I’d probably be too tired not to screw it up. Allergic reactions without antihistamines are just that fun, kids.

Moving on, this week, lots happened. Michonne and Merle road trip, Bible study, other stuff that I don’t want to spoil before the cut, so let’s go a-recapping, shall we? Continue reading

The Blah-king Dead – Walking Dead Recap – Episode 3.5 – Say the Word

So, um, this episode, was um, yeah. I’ve been thinking it all season, but man, somebody over at AMC really blew the roof of off the Walking Dead’s fake-blood budget, didn’t they? There’s axes and swords and Merle’s arm, and I’m getting a little overheated just thinking about all the weapons used this time out, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

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