Pac-Man Fingernails, What!?!?

One thing you guys don’t know about me is that I’m into nail art and I’m a total product junkie. So, what’s a girl with an hour to kill and a bunch of nail polish to do? You guessed it, in honor of Nerd Hanukkah, aka San Diego Comic Con, I painted my nails all Pac-Man-y. Don’t be jealous, y’all!  If only my manicure would last as long as Comic Con does, am I right, or am I right?

Watch out! Pinky is right above you!

The Best Swag You’ll Never Get

Are you a Walking Dead fan on your way to the San Diego Comic Con? Well, when you get there, march your almost certainly cosplaying butt straight on through to the Activision booth, where if you happen to be one of the first hundred in line you can pre-order Terminal Reality’s upcoming Walking Dead FPS. Don’t even tell me you don’t play video games, you’re at the motherfucking San Diego Comic Con. Besides, this shooter comes with one very special perk. Check it:

Aww yeah that’s a severed ear necklace. Daryl’s severed ear necklace if you’re nasty. It’s also the sweetest piece of free swag I have ever seen in all my con-going days, and that’s including a Vocaloid body pillow boyfriend my totally straight male roommate happened upon in the late hours of one Otakon past. And a super realistic, vibrating grenade toy I somehow carried on a plane after E3 2010. Ditto the DVD this creepy vendor gifted me and a friend after he mistook our Lucky Star costumes for some hentai chicks. Yeah. Strung-up rogue body parts don’t seem so weird now, do they?

via Joystiq