This New Judge Dredd Movie Looks Maybe Not Terrible

So! After a few months of rumors, the trailer for the new Judge Dredd movie that’s coming out later this year is finally floating around the internet. Here it is!

I’m theoretically optimistic, but this also looks exactly like the trailer to pretty much every action movie ever! So that could mean just about anything. Karl Urban looks like he’s doing a good job, what with the scowling and not removing his helmet, but I’m less sold on the slow-mo drug and his plucky sidekick.

Will Dredd arbitrarily kill civilians, as is his style in the comics? Probably not, but hey: at least we’ve got someone better than Stallone this time around.

Dance Dance with The FP Trailer (NSFW)

I just wanted to alert you all that this fine film comes out on DVD today:

Now, The FP  suffers from that disease where are the characters are supposed to be funny just because they’re dropping f- and s-bombs all over the place, but DDR death matches are inherently entertaining, and I need some kind of 80s-style dystopian fiction to hold me over until Mad Max: Fury Road.