This Recap Bloody Sucks – True Blood Season 6 Finale Recap

So, a lot happened here right. I mean, with some episodes that seemed like a bunch of filler, it seems like maybe they could have squeezed in an extra month or two, right? Maybe late nights working on Sam’s mayoral campaign? Maybe a little Alcide-gone-a-courtin’? Perhaps general hijinks at Bellefleur’s. But, noooooo, all we got was a flaming Viking (new shot?) and a title card. LAAAAMMMMEEEEEEEEE! But, a lot of the other stuff that happened was pretty okay, let’s talk about that…

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True Blood – This Recap Bloody Sucks! Season 6, Episode 6

This week on True Blood, we discover the Governor’s sinister plan, prognosticate about the awesomeness potential of Jason, and admire Bill’s gumption/ability to rip off heads. Pour yourself a nice, tall glass of Hep-V infected blood and stay tuned for another This Recap Bloody Sucks! Continue reading

True Blood – This Recap Bloody Sucks – Season 6, Episode 1

True Blood is true back! That’s right kids, a whole new season of vampire sex, werewolf sex, fairy sex and all kinds of other weird shit. Jim, Kurt and I will be guiding you through the weird shit. Aw, who am I kidding, I don’t even think Alan Ball could guide you through it, but we’re going to laugh while we’re trying!

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True Blood: This Recap Sucks S05E09 – Everybody Wants to Rule The World

It’s that time again, people! What trouble have those Vampire Duke Boys gotten themselves into now?!

Kurt: Woah! It’s Fast Times at Bon Temps High this week – although more in the plot department than the topless ladies walking out of pools department. First up we’ve got the wacky hate group hijinx, where it’s revealed that the former sheriff and his squaredancin’ lady love were behind the whole thing, Sookie gets hit over the head with a cast iron frying pan (yo those things are really heavy, get that girl to a hospital, dummies), Luna gets naked and beats the hell out of some white trash, and Andy finally says “piiiiig” again. For everything that went on in this plot, the thing that jumped out at me most was all the talk of whether Sheriff Andy is a bad cop – sure, he and Jason have a bit of a boot party with a suspect, but when it came time to put up or shut up, Andy was able to come through and take out his old boss in what felt a little like a Dirty Harry moment. Thoughts?

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This Recap Sucks: S05E06 – Hopeless

Light the vamp-signal over the skies of Bon Temps, ‘cuz it’s time for another installment of This Recap Sucks!

Kurt: So, it was an evening of not-much-happening on this week’s True Blood! Oh, sure, lots of exposition, but also lots of sitting around on our hands waiting for stuff to get moving. First up we’ve got Bill & Eric’s Excellent Authority Adventure, which we witness finally bearing some fruit as they bring Russell in, get their iStakes removed, and seem to be back in The Guardian’s good graces! (For the five minutes that lasts before he gets staked, that is.) So, what’s the deal? Was Nora a patsy all along? Is Salome really behind the Sanguinistas? Whose side are the Authority soldiers really on? And what’s this prophecy that everyone’s so concerned about all of a sudden?

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